It Starts with Us

It Ends with Us Series 2

Bibliografische Daten
ISBN/EAN: 9781398518179
Sprache: Englisch
Umfang: 336 S.
Format (T/L/B): 2 x 23.4 x 15.3 cm
Einband: Paperback


Lily and her ex-husband, Ryle, have just settled into a civil coparenting rhythm when she suddenly bumps into her first love, Atlas, again. After nearly two years separated, she is elated that for once, time is on their side, and she immediately says yes when Atlas asks her on a date. But her excitement is quickly hampered by the knowledge that, though they are no longer married, Ryle is still very much a part of her life - and Atlas Corrigan is the one man he will hate being in his ex-wife and daughter's life. Fan favourite Atlas's side of the story and the long-anticipated sequel to the #1 New York Times bestseller "It Ends With Us".



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